Nimisha N

Feeling into my fear

That I might be destroyed

If I don’t take care of myself,

If I only serve others,

I realize that behind this fear lies my power.

I am more afraid of my power

Than another’s poison.

If I unleash what beats inside me,

Who will I be?

What will I do?

Medusa lives inside

Or someone with wild hair at least.

A harbinger of destruction and creation.

I realize that I may need to destroy myself,

In order to create my life.

Buzzing fills my body,

The energy of love and death

Reaches my fingertips.

I remember the discomfort of breathwork.

Was that hum that resulted

my internal power?

My reason for being?

When this power is unleashed

Nothing is certain.

Can I let go of the safety of my certainty?